Wes Wehr Paleobotany Endowment

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Supports the development, care, research on, and exhibition of the Burke Museum's paleobotany collections.

Paleobotany Gift Fund

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To support specific projects and activities at the Burke Museum associated with the care, management, and research of the paleobotany collection, including field and lab work, collection use, exhibits, events, conferences, and other programs.

Weldon and Jane Rau Endowed Research Fund

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To support research, collection, and curation of micropaleontology, with preference given to the research, collection and curation of formaninifera at the Burke Museum.

Friends of Discoveries in Geosciences (DIG)

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The Friends of DIG fund broadly supports the DIG (Discoveries in Geosciences) Field School. This Burke Museum program connects K-12 teachers with Burke and UW scientists at active field research sites.

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